Inbound Contact Center

Automated Call Distribution (ACD) services will provide a consistent experience for your callers and prioritize your inbound call traffic.  With ACD queues and skills-based-routing you will be able to prioritize all your calls and make sure they are handled efficiently. Each queue may handle calls differently allowing you to treat specific callers to unique messaging, routing and queue events through the life-cycle of the call.

With built in scripting tools and web-based administration,  ACD software is sold as an on-demand service, and can be adjusted up or down as your business requirements dictate. With no special hardware or software or the additional telephone circuits required it provides for integration with many existing Analog or VoIP systems,  third party databases, CRM and order processing applications.  ACD allows your business to support a workforce of at-home, single site or multi- location workers and view them in a single platform.

ACD  can be used as a stand alone module or bundled with predictive / preview modules as a fully blended solution. These solutions can be rapidly-deployed,  and provides capacity on demand as you need it. Whether you have a handful of agents or hundreds of agents, you can lower your cost of operations and stay focused on your business and not on maintaining call center systems or the added cost of maintaining the telephony infrastructure. The barrier to entry is low and there is little or no capital expense in getting started.

Below are some of the ACD features:

  • Call Recording:  For training, verification or dispute resolution.
  • IVR: For customer defined call routing.
  • Monitoring: For training and coaching.
  • Chat: For agent interaction with a customer from a web site, including canned messaging.
  • Barge in: For taking control of an ongoing call.
  • Skills based routing: For biasing calls based on language or technical skill etc.
  • Reporting: Scheduled and on demand for managing your business.
  • Real time statistics: For managing agents and call flow.
  • Web based administration: For making adds and changes in real time.
  • CRM Integration with® and Microsoft Dynamics CRM®.
  • HTTP gets and posts: for adding or extracting data in real time.
  • Queue events: For routing calls to other applications or events based on specific business rules.
  • Scripting engine: For presenting information to an Agent.
  • Dispositions: Allows for the status and routing of each particular call.
  • Reverse Matching: Dipping into a demographic database to present customer information to the agent.
  • Call Control: Allowing the agent to place the caller on hold, transfer or re-queue.
  • MOH: Adding queue specific messaging for callers on hold.
  • CTI: Allowing for screen pops to be presented to agents with customer information:
  • Order entry and shipping interfaces: Allowing agents to take credit cards and manage product.
  • Wrap up time: Giving agent some time between calls before receiving the next call.
  • Whisper Messaging: Whispering to an agent prior to the call on the call type.
  • Voice Mail
  • E-Mail
  • Schedule Overrides
  • Outbound Calling

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