New Features Including Cloud Routing HTTP Module, Updated Real Time Telemetry, And Much More

Join our already large group of satisfied clients who take advantage of our robust contact center solutions. We work around the clock to enhance and improve our solutions so the end user experience is one we can truly call excellence. We are proud to announce our latest release updates including many new features with a full detailed list below.

  • Cloud Routing HTTP Polling Module – The cloud routing system now has an integrated HTTP module which allows the system to query a destination via HTTP prior to initiating a voice call.  The destination webserver can either return TRUE of FALSE depending on whether or not they want the system to connect the caller with their destination.  This module is self-documented under the Configure Cloud Routing Cloud Destinations Pre-Routing HTTP tab.
  • New Real Time Dial Group Telemetry – There is a new tab on the “Outbound Telemetry” screen that will aggregate all the campaign data by the dial group.  This will give administrative users a more concise and clear picture as to the performance of a dial group on the whole.
  • Move Agents To Dial Group –The real time telemetry module has been upgraded to include the ability for administrators using the AdminUI (/manage) to drag and drop agents into dial groups/campaigns.  Simply click on the agent in the Agent Telemetry screen and drag them to the Campaign or Dial Group and release.  You will get an instant confirmation that the agent has been moved, and the real time telemetry will reflect the change within a couple of seconds.  The agent will get a screen pop on their Agent UI which notifies them that they have been moved by an administrator.
  • Block Survey Save Based on Disposition –Agent dispositions for ACD queues and VPD campaigns now have the ability to prevent saving of survey results when a particular disposition is selected.  This can be helpful in a scenario where survey data is only required on a “Sale” disposition and there is no reason to persist the results for Do Not Call, Not Interested, Etc.
  • Cloud Routing Delayed Destination Inclusion –The cloud routing system has a new feature which gives the administrator the ability to add more destinations to the routing scheme as we loop over the destinations.  For example, on the first iteration of the destinations, we only want to try “Destination A”.  The second iteration we now want to try “Destination A” and “Destination B”.  The third iteration we now want to try “Destination A”, “Destination B”, and “Destination C”.  The end result is that we have attempted “Destination A” a total of 3 times, “Destination B” a total of 2 times, and “Destination C” a total of 1 time.  This feature can be controlled using a combination of the “Repeat Count” setting on the main Cloud Profile form and the new “Activate On Iteration” setting on the destination assignment screen.


  • Real Time Telemetry Optimizations – All modules of real time telemetry have been improved to make processing and display less CPU intensive and more efficient when having multiple telemetry views running simultaneously.  We have found in testing that the random ‘freezing’ of the telemetry as well as the occasional duplication of rows when sorting has been resolved. 
  • Track Number Call Detail Reports –In scenarios of Parallel Dialing strategies, the destination result was always showing “After Hours” regardless of which set of destinations were chosen for routing.  This has been resolved and all future calls will properly track “During” or “After”.
  • Optimization of all reports which access Agent data –Many optimizations to the speed and efficiency of agent based queries.  This should result in shorter response times while waiting for reporting generation.
  • Real Time Telemetry Scroll Position –The real time telemetry screens will now maintain their scroll position when receiving updated datasets from the back-end servers.  Previously the system would always reset to the top position upon each refresh.
  • XML List Loader API + International –The XML based list loader now properly supports international campaigns and destinations.

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