ACD – Automatic Call Distributor

Gain total control over the call flow in your inbound contact center with the Connect First Inbound Call Routing Platform. Key features such as skills-based contact center agent selections, flexible scheduling, and our proprietary QueueFlow routing engine ensure you can easily route calls to your exact specifications. Our completely self-service contact center management platform allows you to easily manage and monitor your contact center from anywhere in the world with just a browser and an internet connection.
All inbound calls are received in one of our carrier-grade, tier-1 facilities. Call control is seamlessly passed from the switching hardware to the intelligence layer of the Connect First platform, capturing all configuration and preferences you set in the administrative application.  Once the right contact center agent is found, the Connect First system connects the agent via standard landline, softphone, or SIP device.  The connected agent will receive a whisper message to signal the call type, while the Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) screen pop provides relevant scripting and caller information. Your contact center agent is then equipped to properly handle the inbound phone call.
  • Call Recording
  • Geo-Spatial Routing
  • Custom Scripting
  • Skills-Based Agent Routing
  • Flexible On-Hold Messaging
  • Real Time Reverse Match
  • DTMF (Touch Tone) Queue Events
  • Direct Agent Dialing
  • Dynamic End-Call Dispositions
  • Exception Handling
  • Third Party Transfers
  • DNIS Based Call Queues
  • IVR
  • DID (Direct Inbound Dial), Toll-Free, or pure SIP (VoIP) termination
  • Real Time SOAP/Web Service Data Transfers
  • Salesforce
  • Limelight
  • Custom Cloud APIs
  • AC2
  • Pipkins
  • Aspect
  • Orderlogix
  • OrderMotion
  • Any HTTP-based survey/VOC solution

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