Cloud Routing

Cloud routing allows you to route calls to multiple distributed contact centers or locations or assigned to secondary queues such as IVR or specialized ACD skill groups. Cloud routing is offered as a on demand service and requires no capital expenditure.  Cloud routing allows for the control of volume spikes, load balancing, call distribution and business continuity challenges. The cost for Cloud Routing is based on a per minute charge and is dependent on the amount of call volume you are doing.

Calls can be routed with the following Algorithms:

  • Percent allocation
  • Round robin
  • Sequential
  • Geo-routing

Below are some of the Cloud Routing features:

Web-based administration Real-time configuration Recording
Call Monitoring Reporting Multi-protocol destinations
Max concurrent call limiters Flexible Scheduling HTTP Posting
Destination Profiles Call Detail Real Time Telemetry

Please fill out our contact form with your specific routing requirement and we will call you with a preliminary quote within 24 hours.

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