Simplify Complex Call Flows Like Never Before.

Our ACD solution can be ready to roll with minimal configuration, right out of the box.

Experience seamless call control and save time and money by fast-tracking your go-live.


Never Miss A Call

Route2Cloud’s ACD system is the backbone of any inbound or blended call center. What does ACD mean? Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) systems can simultaneously distribute multiple calls to the appropriate agent or location, where each call is instantly routed to its destination based on predetermined logic. Our comprehensive Automatic Call Distribution software allows you to choose call routing paths based on agent skill, language, ranking, and more. The Route2Cloud ACD system is the perfect solution for both low and high-volume contact centers. If you have more inbound phone calls than you do agents, our ACD will easily manage your call flows, eliminating busy signals and providing your customers with timely, appropriate service that best suits their needs.

Customize Caller Experiences

Inbound phone calls arrive at any of our several carrier-grade, Tier-1 facilities and instantly pass through the intelligence layer of our cloud based call center platform. Our system’s intelligence layer then applies all the configuration and preferences you’ve already decided upon in our user-friendly administrative interface, and immediately dispatches each call to the most suitable agent. We offer the convenience of connections made via standard landlines, SIP devices, and our WebRTC-based integrated softphone.

Provide tailored customer experiences with features like whisper messaging, which can signal to the agent what type of call they’ll be receiving next. Useful CTI (Computer Telephony Integration) screen pops instantly display relevant scripting and caller information, allowing agents to further personalize each customer’s experience.