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Our full suite of reporting tools, real-time analytics, and highly configurable dialer solutions give you the most bang for your buck while increasing overall efficiency and boosting up your call center’s ROI.


Leverage Our Feature-Rich Solutions To Increase Call Volume And Reduce Effort.

Route2Cloud’s dialer solutions were built to satisfy all your cloud based call center’s outbound dialing needs. Our advanced predictive dialer software allows you to simultaneously run unlimited outbound campaigns on our secure, hosted platform. There’s no equipment to maintain and agents can be added and removed in real time, creating a safe, reliable, efficient, and cost-effective predictive and preview dialing system. Effortlessly upload outbound call contacts so agents can log on and immediately begin connecting with customers. Our virtual dialers operate behind the scenes, quickly and intelligently filtering out busy signals, answering machines, no-answers, and fax machines, ensuring your agents only spend time on live answers, maximizing their productivity. A full suite of web-based tools and reports are available and exceed the capabilities of legacy systems at a fraction of the cost.

Schedule a customized demo today to learn how Route2Cloud’s outbound call center dialer can help you:

  • Achieve an over 100% increase in agent productivity
  • More than quadruple your outbound call volume
  • Achieve an over 100% increase in agent productivity
  • More than quadruple your outbound call volume

Take Charge With A Dialer For Every Need.

Streamline call campaigns regardless of industry. Route2Cloud offers Predictive Dialer Software, as well as a robust Progressive Dialer, Preview Dialer, and a Manual Dialing option. If you’re looking for blended call center dialing solutions, our dialer is available as a stand-alone module or a fully blended application with real-time ACD monitoring to ensure seamless call routing for efficient blending. Fill sales pipelines, pitch a product, fundraise, or even lead grassroots movements with our robust cloud dialer.

Dial, Integrate, And Manage With Ease

Connect First’s advanced predictive dialer software features a built-in WebRTC-based softphone for simplified dialing straight from your browser, easy CRM integration, and an API that lets you activate and pause lists on the fly, prioritize and move leads and lists around at will, and get specific with your callback automations.

Features That (Do The) Work For You

Our dialers will build new call lists for you based on call disposition status from any previous campaign, and our white-list feature can create multiple-day exclusions with predefined expiration dates to eliminate tedious manual list editing. We can even identify new numbers and add them to your customer records, saving you time and potentially costly human error.

Robust Scripting And Agent Optimization

The robust Connect First outbound solution allows you to easily create dynamic scripts with logical branching, conditional routing for simple to complex call flows, and real-time integrations to external web services and other applications for access to key data. We offer a number of agent coaching features, from silent monitoring to agent whisper, and our robust WFO/WFM solution gives you complete transparency for increased optimization.

Cloud Contact Center Dialers. Built Better.

Connect First’s cloud based call center solutions are completely browser-based so you can access them from any browser, any time. Our predictive dialer software requires no hardware installation, and is deployed on an active-active-active design that ensures uninterrupted connectivity and an unmatched uptime of 99.999%. We built our dialers — and our platform — completely in-house, from the ground up. Our multi-tenant architecture design is a core feature, segregating data and voice in multiple components to ensure your data’s full security and integrity. Throw in our award-winning customer service and support, and you’ll find there’s a reason our customers say we have the best call center software in the industry.

  • Built-in WebRTC-based softphone
  • Intuitive Interface Minimizes Errors, Training Time & Costs
  • Custom Scheduling
  • Flexible List Loading
  • Automated Time Zone Support
  • Call Progress Detection
  • Answering Machine Detection
  • Encrypted Call Recording
  • Custom Caller Id