Bring Manual Dialing into the 21st Century

Leverage Route2cloud’s advanced platform capabilities to modernize your cloud contact center. Leading-edge browser-based technology and an integrated manual dialer give you the ability to keep your call dialing and call information all in one platform for holistic reporting and more informed decision-making.

A manual dialer makes it easy for you to hand-dial calls in your inbound, outbound, or blended call center. Whether you prefer to use it for compliance purposes or one-off return calls, we make it simple to use and easy to collect statistical data to allow transparency into all aspects of your contact center’s operation. Our sleek agent interface houses a built-in softphone leveraging WebRTC technology, eliminating the need to install and dial from third-party softphone apps. And we offer a number of flexible configuration options to accommodate your business’s needs.

Experience Increased Dialing Convenience.

The Connect First manual dialing system is equipped to provide all the bells and whistles — if you want them. Whether you’re a small business making most or all of your calls manually, or a high-volume call center looking to maximize efficiency, Connect First’s manual dialer offers the convenience of native integration, ease of use, and consistent reporting for increased business optimization. Pop up a script for agents to read from during a manual call, transfer and requeue calls as you would in a standard dialer, or just use it like an in-app cellular phone to make a call from your computer without having to leave the screen.

Protect Your Data’s Integrity

The Route2Cloud platform offers extensive reporting capabilities for all of its products. Keep your call data consistent and guarantee the integrity of your overall operational data and analyses by keeping all your calls in-platform. Confidently take action on your call center’s reports and statistics with the knowledge that all the information around all of your phone calls — dialer-generated or manual — is accounted for in your analyses.

Configure Your Interface

Our advanced configuration options allow for granular control of agent desktop settings via the easy to use administrative interface. Choose which manual dialing features you wish to make available to your agents, and limit or even disallow the dialer whenever and wherever you need.

Maintain Security

Our WebRTC- based softphone is natively encrypted end to end, which means your call information is always protected from internal and external attacks and intrusions. The Route2Cloud manual dialer offers the same call reporting options as our standard dialer, and any customer information captured during a manual call can still be saved and recalled as needed, whether it’s an update to your CRM integration or a detailed call log and history via our platform.

The Route2Cloud Manual Dialer. Built For Flexibility.

The Route2Cloud manual dialer is a staple for every inbound, outbound, or blended cloud call center. It integrates easily with our standard dialers and offers extreme flexibility for both agents and admins alike. Use it to supplement your existing dialing solutions, or use it as a standalone product. Whatever your preference, Rout2Cloud has the features and functionalities to keep your contact center covered, while keeping your options open with our secure, reliable, comprehensive manual dialing system.

Technical Details

  • Advanced Historical Reporting
  • Real-time Dashboards
  • Mobile Capabilities
  • Migrate records between predictive and preview modes
  • API-enabled list management
  • Active campaign list filtering
  • Easy CRM Integration
  • Robust third-party integrations
  • Dynamic End-Call Dispositions
  • Real-Time SOAP/Web Service Data Transfers
  • Granular Campaign Controls
  • Advanced Scripting Capabilities
  • Change Agent Count
  • Seamless inbound and Outbound Call Blending
  • Call Tracking & Recording