Create Effective, Effortless Customer Experiences.

You value your customers and prioritize their time. The Connect First progressive dialer gives you all the advantages of a high-volume dialer while eliminating outbound call abandonment.

Progressive dialing offers a blend of preview and predictive dialing. Connect First’s progressive dialer software contacts leads on a one-to-one, lead-to-agent basis. That means the agent calling has the ability to view the leads that will be contacted without needing to choose which leads to dial or the order in which they are dialed. Call dialing becomes automatic and agents can be connected to leads without lifting a finger, eliminating the risk of incorrectly dialed numbers.

No Call Abandons — Guaranteed.

As long as your call center is staffed with available agents, your leads will always be connected to a live human being when they answer the phone. No more ‘dead air’ or long silent pauses while the system searches for a possibly unavailable agent. With Connect First’s intelligent progressive dialer, calls are made using a 1:1 ratio, meaning a lead is only dialed once the system has confirmed there is an agent available to take the call.

Enhanced Customer Experiences — Guaranteed.

Our progressive dialer is equipped with features that allow agents to view lead information and lead history before the lead even picks up the phone. This can come in handy when your call center’s outbound campaign is seeking donations from high-value donors, or sharing important information with VIPs. Create effortless, customized customer experiences by ensuring there’s always a live agent ready to greet every lead — an agent who is informed about the lead and prepared to personalize the call accordingly. Not only are you giving your agents the tools they need for success, you’re also maximizing your contact center’s efficiency by automating the dialing process, maximizing agent time and cutting costs.

Save Time With Hands-Free Dialing.

Our progressive dialer has all the benefits of a preview dialer with the added benefit of dialing automation. Instead of agents pressing a button to contact a lead at their discretion, you have the power to either build in a custom delay period between calls or configure the system for sequential call dialing with no delay between calls at all. Save your agents time by eliminating unnecessary steps from their workflow and rest assured your calls are still being dialed in a timely, consistent fashion.

Adjust Campaign Quotas Dynamically.

Ensure the success of your specialty campaign by determining an optimal lead mix. Then set your rules and let our quota management feature take the reins and route outbound calls accordingly. This integrated real-time threshold management feature automatically implements your call dialing strategies while allowing you to raise or lower thresholds on any of your predetermined quota rules. Need to change your threshold numbers midstream? Simply input your revisions and this intelligent tool will automatically adjust to reflect your changes.

Experience Quality Connections.

Connect First’s call center software is known for it’s unmatched reliability and stability. What does that mean for your predictive dialer? And your customers? And your business? It means your dialer is always up and running with our industry-leading 99.999% uptime. Your customers experience faster connections and higher call quality along with fewer dropped calls and significantly less downtime. And you can confidently grow your business with less agents than ever using our fast, intelligent, reliable progressive dialer software.

The Connect First Progressive Dialer. Built For Efficiency.

Our promise at Connect First is to always deliver reliable products with features and functionalities that are flexible enough to meet your cloud based call center’s changing needs. Our progressive dialer was created for maximum agent efficiency, while still ensuring high-quality experiences for your customers. Avoid dreaded call abandons while saving your agents the time and effort of manually clicking a button to dial (as in preview mode), or manually dialing a whole lead number (as in manual mode). And enjoy the added benefit of configuration to your precise specifications. Build in extra time between calls for after-call work. Easily create dynamic scripts and dispositions that cover every last detail and ensure you don’t miss one opportunity to shape every outbound call to your campaign’s exact needs.

Technical Details

  • DNC management tool
  • Unlimited agent states
  • External URL screenpop (CTI)
  • Conferencing
  • Call recording
  • Quality management
  • Workforce management (WFM)
  • Workforce optimization (WFO)
  • Surveying
  • Historical reporting
  • Real-time reporting
  • Chat
  • Automated time zone support
  • Powerful IVR builder
  • Answering machine detection
  • Requeue shortcuts
  • Compliance settings
  • Campaign cloning